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Chintamani Griha – Abode Of Goddess Sridevi

Chintamani Griha is the abode of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari or Sridevi. It is located at the center of Sripura or Sripattana. The walls of the palace are made of Chintamani gems (philosopher’s stones).

The projected coverings above the palace are also fashioned out of Chintamani slabs. They are very and tall and are formed as peaks in different places. The palace has high tapering storeys with three radiant crowns, viz., iccha (will), kriya (action) and jnana (knowledge), which shine brilliantly. Everything in Chintamani Griha is fashioned out of Chintamani stones.

Chintamani Griha has four doorways and in the interior part of the mansion, the various siddhis (supernatural powers) such as anima, reside and serve the Goddess. They are all aged sixteen years and are fresh and youthful and have a highly exalted nature. Beyond the abodes of siddhis are the residences of the eight divine mothers. They are Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Mahendri, Varahi, Chamunda and Mahalakshmi.

Each of them has her own set of Shaktis as her retinue and all of them are engaged in the service of Goddess Sridevi. In the central part of Chintamani Griha is the sublime bindu chakra. There the supreme Goddess rests on Parama Shiva who serves as a mattress. He, in turn, is spread out on a couch, which also is an aspect of Shiva. Deities like Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra serve as the four supports of the couch. The Chintamani Griha is located in a pleasure garden in Manidweepa (the island of gems), which is situated in the nectar ocean, and fringed by rows of celestial Kalpa trees.

It is opined by scholars that the above picture is a yogic allegory and represents the yogic process entailed in the realization of Goddess Lalita, the chitta shakti.