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Shivling Absorbs Oil Abhishekam Leaving No Trace At Thiruneelakudi Temple – Hindu Temple Miracle

Shivling in a temple is offered various items as part of abhishekam. At Thiruneelakudi Neelakandeswarar Temple near Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu, the Shivling absorbs the entire oil leaving no trace of the oil, yet another Hindu temple miracle. Liters of oil poured on the Shivling dries of quickly and the Shivling appears as if no liquid has been poured on it for years.

The abhishekam has been taking place for hundreds of years but still the Shivling is rough.

No one knows where the oil disappears. Scientists and researchers are yet to find out the reason for the disappearance of oil.

Devotees are of the view that this Shivling is associated with Shiva drinking the halahala poison that emerged during the churning of ocean. It is because of the halahala poison that the oil disappears without flowing down the Shivling.

Five Petal Bilva Leaves In Temple Tree

Bilva leaves have three petals. But the Bilva Tree in Thiruneelakudi Neelakandeswarar Temple has five petals.

The Shiva temple is located on Kumbakonam – Karaikal road and is around 15 km from Kumbakonam.