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Symbolism Two Wives Of Muruga – Devasena And Valli

Muruga, son of Shiva, has two wives in Tamil Culture and there is deep symbolism attached. He is the commander of the Devas and is also known as Skanda, Kartik, Subrahmanian and Arumugam.

The popular belief is that Amuda Valli and Sundara Valli appeared from the two eyes of Lord Vishnu.

They then performed intense penance to get married to Muruga.

Lord Vishnu appeared before them and granted them the wish. But one of them had to be born first in heaven and the other one had to be born on earth.

Amuda Valli was born in heaven and got adopted by Indra, the king of Devas. She was named Devasena.

Sundara Valli was born on earth and she was the daughter of tribal chieftain. She was named Valli.

Later they both got married to Muruga.

Devasena sits on the left of Muruga and blessed devotees with heavenly bliss. Valli sits on the right and blesses devotees with peace and prosperity on earth.

Devasena is associated with action and Valli is associated with knowledge.