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Bhima Fighting Sister Of Bakasura

The story of Bhima fighting sister of Bakasura is found in the Kashidashi Mahabharata. The incident happened when Pandavas were on their final journey after giving up kingdom.

During their final journey, Pandavas reached the Meghavarna Mountain. It was impossible to climb the mountain and dark clouds hovered over it. There was constant rain in the mountain.

Here they were stopped by a huge demoness. She was so huge. It seemed she could reach the skies. She thrived on human flesh. She was happy to see Pandavas and Draupadi.

This demoness in her previous birth was a heavenly damsel (apsara) named Chitra. She was cursed by Sage Durvasa to become a demoness. She was always hungry and ate whatever that comes before her sight.

A sage who came the way told the story of the demoness to the Pandavas. It is from the sage that the Pandavas learned that she was the sister of Bakasura, who was killed by Bhima.

Bhima decided to protect his brothers and Draupadi. She screamed at the demoness at the top of his voice and announced that he was Bhima who had killed her brother.

The demoness moved swiftly towards Bhima.

Bhima took up a huge boulder and threw at the demoness. The boulder was gulped by the demoness. Another boulder and a huge tree thrown at her by Bhima were too gulped by her.

Bhima threw numerous other trees and boulders on the demoness but it had no effect on her.

Bhim then prayed to Vayu, the wind god, and Hanuman to bless him with strength. He then uprooted a tree and smashed the nose of the demoness.

The sudden increase in strength of Bhima startled the demoness and she fell on to the ground. Before she could lift up her huge body, Bhima climbed up on her and thrust a tree into her nose and pushed it out of the other side of her head.

The demoness soon died. Her huge body was replaced by that of the damsel. She thanked the Pandavas and left for heaven.

The Pandavas continued their journey towards the Himalayas.