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Willingness To Sacrifice In The Present For Others Is A Good Investment For Future

Certain things in life are especially difficult, tedious, requires an extreme amount of effort, or is done in the most difficult or unpleasant way possible. It requires tremendous willpower to finish those things. But we do such tasks in the present to reach our future goals. We put in a lot of self-control. We delay gratification so that we can be successful in future.

Self control is achieved through willpower, by suppressing emotions and desires for immediate pleasures.

But our willpower drops when we are stressed or tired and we easily give up. Sense gratification sets in.

This drop in willpower is the main difference between success and failure.

Majority of us do not have the willpower to achieve our goals. We give up easily.

But through cooperation we can achieve success. The dropping graph of willpower can be steadied through cooperation.

For this, we need to build strong interpersonal relationships. Develop trust, generosity and fairness with a few people. Avoid getting overwhelmed, busy, stressed, or irritated with someone else. Instead, become generous and grateful. Help each other in achieving goals.

When you are willing to help others, they feel grateful. They will do more than they can to help another person. Only through cooperation can we survive in a world, which is filled with greedy corporate sharks.

The greedy corporate sharks are so successful because there is cooperation. They stick together to achieve their evil goals. They stick together for greed.

Good people are scattered and there is no cooperation. So they are easily devoured by ego, anger, hatred and numerous other external forces.

We need to be more compassionate, sharing and caring. We all need to work together towards the goal. We need to develop skills that others value and are helpful to others.

When you are ready to give time, effort, financial support, mental support and even a shoulder to cry to the needy, it really helps. We develop more willpower. We develop more self control. We realize the futility of trying to reach the goal alone. We need the extra push, a bottle of water on the way or maybe a bit of encouragement and this we can get only through cooperation.

The willingness to sacrifice in the present for others is a good investment for future.