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Goddess Sugandha – Mantra - Benefits Of Sugandha Devi Worship

Goddess Sugandha is one among the manifestations of Adi Shakti (Mother Goddess). In this form, she is worshipped in the Sugandha Shakti Peeth at Shikarpur, 10 km north of Barisal, Bangladesh.

Story of Goddess Sugandha

As per Hindu scriptures, an arrogant Daksha Prajapati invited all the gods, goddesses and saints on earth to participate in Brihaspati Sarva Yajna at Kankhal Kshetra near modern day Haridwar.

He purposefully did not invite his daughter Sati and her husband Shiva.

Sati reached the yajna spot and wanted to know from her father as to why Mahadev Shiva was not invited and how can a yajna be complete without the presence of Mahadev.

Daksha insulted Sati for arriving uninvited and he hurled series of abuses on Shiva.

Unable to bear the insults of her husband, Sati jumped into the yajna fire and got self-immolated.
Shiva Ganas including Veerabhadra Swamy appeared from an angry Shiva. They destroyed the Yajna and chopped off the head of Daksha.

Shiva took the charred body of Sati and roamed the universe. There was destruction, earthquake, landslide and torrential rain on earth. To save the universe from destruction, Bhagavan Vishnu used his Sudarshana Chakra to separate the body of Sati from Shiva. The body was chopped into pieces and all the pieces fell on earth. The spots where a body part of Sati fell came to be known as Shaktipeeth.

Goddess Sugandha appeared from the nose of Sati which fell on the banks of Sugandha River.

Goddess Sugandha is worshipped in the form of Ek Jada in the Shaktipeeth. The Bhairav associated with this form of Adi Shakti is Trayambak.

Benefits of Goddess Sugandha Worship

She is associated with Budha Navagraha and those people facing difficulties associated with the Navagraha in their horoscope will find relief on offering worship to her.

Benefits of worshipping her include fame, honor, intellect, immunity power and destruction of enemies.

Goddess Sugandha Devi Mantra

सुगंधा देव्यै: नमः॥
Om Sugandha Daiwaye Namah

Note – This Goddess is also referred as Goddess Sunanda.