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18 Ways To Better Your Relationships

We are living in a difficult world. It is good relationships that alone can help us during the difficult times. Here are 18 ways to better your relationships.

Give space to others. Avoid talking too much about oneself.

Show interest in other people’s lives. Provide attention to their problems and show them that you care about them.

Stop complaining. Stop being negative.

Avoid cutting off someone when they are talking. Allow them to complete their conversation or idea.

Try not to ignore emails and text messages. If you are busy leave a short note.

Try to remember important dates in other people’s lives.

Never forget to thank and praise. It means alot to many people.

Never discuss the imperfections of your relationships with others.

Respect privacy of the other person. This is an important aspect in a relationship often ignored. 

The best way to get a relationship working is to have common ground, common goals and shared goals.

Secrets in a relationship should always be secret. You should never reveal secrets and by thus breaking trust in a relationship.

If you are going to be in a relationship with a person or anything be honest and truthful. Do not get into a relationship with a motive or under pressure.

Be extremely careful with financial dealings in a relationship. Never make relationships based on money. Always help financially when truly in need but do not pamper and shower with gifts and later regret.

As long as we live in society, we cannot escape from difficult relationships. We need to focus on lessening the difficulty in relationships. This can be done mainly through detachment, avoiding ego and anger, and by not carrying the baggage of past and emotions.

Some relationships can never be good. We need to focus on them not affecting us. Just learn to live with them through minimal contact. 

Stop seeking happiness and satisfaction in relationships. When we have no expectation things move ahead smoothly.

We also need to accept the impermanence of things in life. Good relationships turning bad and bad turning good are all part of the impermanence in life. 

Do not tell always what to do in a relationship. Respect values, strengths and weaknesses in a person.