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How Nakula Died In The Mahabharata?

At the end of their rule, Pandavas decided to retire. It was time for them to bid good bye to civilization. Nakula died during the final journey of Pandavas and it is mentioned in the Mahaprasthanika Parva.

Nakula followed his wife, Draupadi, and brothers to the great snow-clad mountains in the Himalayas. Draupadi slipped and fell as they started climbing the Himalayas. Sahadeva fell next and died. Nakula fell next.

Bhima soon realized that Nakula had fallen and was about die. He asked to Yudhisthira as to why Nakula had fallen as he had never performed any evil.

Yudhisthira told Bhima that Nakula had reaped the fruits of his actions. He had thought himself to be the most beautiful person in the world. His beauty made him insensitive and this was his sin.

The brothers who had decided to give up all ties climbed the mountain leaving Nakula behind.

Nakula died soon.