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There is No Crash Course in Spirituality – Swami Chinmayananda

Swami Chinmayananda states that there are no shortcuts in spirituality. 

These days, unfortunately, we find seekers who think nothing about calling over the phone to enquire from the teacher at the other end of the city about the goal of life, the path, means and so on. Such telephone tuition is not possible in spirituality. The seeker of spiritual life is asked to approach the master in an attitude of reverence and surrender. Then alone can the teacher acquaint the disciple with the knowledge of the Self.

Self realization is not like going to a shopping center and collecting it in a shopping bag, throwing it in back seat and driving away. It is much deeper than that.

Inspired flashes of wisdom are possible in rare moments of life such as during study, or when listening to a master. At such moment, an individual gets a glimmer of the higher possibility of the greater consciousness.

To known in Vedanta means to realize the Self. It is not an intellectual grasp, nor is it a result of mere study and reflection. Perfection will not be attained unless a person is ready to live the noble values of life, and through diligent and constant meditation – slowly and steadily – raise his purified mind and intellect to a higher realm of awareness and all pervading consciousness.

Source - Say Cheese Witty Wisdom by Swami Chinmayananda