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Dushala In Mahabharata – Only Sister Of 100 Kaurava Brothers

Dushala was the only daughter of Queen Gandhari and King Dhritarashtra in the Mahabharata. She was the only sister of the 100 Kaurava brothers. Duryodhana, the eldest of the Kauravas, loved and respected his only sister. She lost all her 100 brothers and husband in the Kurukshetra war in the Mahabharata.

When Gandhari gave birth to a big lump of flesh, Sage Vyasa advised that it be cut into one hundred pieces and kept in 100 jars of ghee (clarified butter). The remaining piece was put into an additional jar making the count of jars to 101.

100 sons were born to Queen Gandhari and King Dhritarashtra from the 100 jars. The additional jar gave birth to a daughter who was named Dushala.

When Dushala came of age, she was married to Jayadratha, the king of Sindhu Desha. The couple had a son named Suratha. Jayadratha was killed in the Mahabharata war by Arjuna.
When the Kurukshetra war was over and Yudhisthira had been installed as king at Hastinapur, the Pandavas performed Ashwamedha Yajna, which required the all other kingdoms to become vassal of Hastinapur. One of the kingdoms that did not bow to the supremacy of the Pandavas was Sindhu Desha ruled by Suratha, the son of Dushala and Jayadratha.

Arjuna waged a war against Suratha and killed him. At this juncture Suratha’s mother, Dushala, came to the battlefield carrying her arms her young grandson and prayed for mercy. Arjuna immediately dropped his bow and arrows, pacified Dushala and crowned the little boy as the king of Sindhu.