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Do What We Love Doing

Always do what we love doing. The job we are doing should satisfy us first. If we are not happy doing the job, then at some point of time we will be depressed and frustrated. Doing something just for money will soon attract trouble.

Try to be best at what we are doing. When we are an authority in our field, we cannot be easily replaced.

Avoid friendship of negative and narrow-minded people. Such people are always followers. They never have any independent decisions. They always move with the crowd. They hate people who do what they love doing. They are miserable and cannot stand seeing people happy.

It is true we cannot do everything all alone. But that does not mean when we get an opportunity to lead we should put our hands down. Grab opportunities with confidence.

We may climb up the ladder but always remember the ladder needs a ground to stand. Be aware about what is happening in the lower level. Remain in constant touch with those below you.

Do not sit and rest after achieving a goal. Set new goals and work towards it. We should not become stagnant. We should always be flowing.