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Prevent Unwanted Thoughts And Live Fully In Present Moment

We need to prevent our unwanted thoughts so that we can live fully in present moment.

Use mind like an instrument for positive things. After using it for a specific task, we need to give it rest. Do not allow the mind instrument to become our master.

Do not use the mind to engage in useless and repetitive thoughts.

Majority of our thoughts are harmful and damaging to others, the environment and us.

Negative thinking causes leakage of energy. It takes out the zest in us.

Uncontrolled compulsive thinking is a kind of addiction. It gives us pleasure, which later turns into pain.

Sometimes we are unable to stop this habit of unwanted thinking. We imagine and build numerous false empires.

In real world, such unwanted thinking pushes us backward. It does not take us forward.

Observe your mind and thoughts and you will realize the above said things to be true.

False identification is the main reason for unwanted thinking. We get a sense of superiority from our thoughts. We feel we have achieved something. But all these are unreal.

This false self gets you attached to certain things. It creates an unconscious identification based on your personal and cultural condition.

The world of unwanted thinking gives only importance to past and future. It does not want the present.

Present is real. You need to act. And the false self is scared of the present. The moment you begin to live in the present, unwanted thinking disappears. The false ego drops.

When you live in the present, you are more creative. You are more productive. There is hope. There is zest. There is a sense of real achievement.

Get out from the world of unwanted thinking and live in the present. This is true liberation.