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Money – Wealth – Quotes And Teachings – Sri Ramakrishna

A collection of quotes and teachings on money and wealth by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

What does a man get with money? Food, clothes, and a dwelling-place— nothing more. You cannot realize God with its help. Therefore, money can never be the goal of life.

Money is a great upadhi

The possession of money makes such a difference in a man! He is no longer the same person. A brahmin used to frequent the temple garden. Outwardly he was very modest. One day I went to Konnagar with Hriday. No sooner did we get off the boat than we noticed the brahmin seated on the bank of the Ganga. We thought he had been enjoying the fresh air.

Looking at us, he said: ‘Hello there, priest! How do you do?’ I marked his tone and said to Hriday: ‘The man must have got some money. That’s why he talks that way.’

A frog had a rupee, which he kept in his hole. One day an elephant was going over the hole, and the frog, coming out in a fit of anger, raised his foot, as if to kick the elephant, and said, ‘How dare you walk over my head?’ Such is the pride that money begets!

Money becomes the source of trouble

Money itself becomes a source of trouble. Brothers may live happily, but they get into trouble when the property is divided. Dogs lick one another’s bodies; they are perfectly friendly. But when the house-holder throws them a little food, they get into a scrap.

Can we make an effort to earn more money?

It is permissible to do so to maintain a religious family. You may try to increase your income, but in an honest way. The goal of life is not the earning of money, but the service of God. Money is not harmful if it is devoted to the service of God. For householders money is a means of getting food, clothes, and a dwelling place, worshipping the Deity, and serving holy men and devotees.

It is useless to try to hoard money. With great labour the bees build a hive; but a man breaks it and takes the honey away.