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Ganesha Changes Color From Black To White – Athisaya Vinayakar Temple – Hindu Temple Miracle

Ganesha Murti worshipped at the Athisaya Vinayakar Temple at Keralapuram near Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu changes its color from black to white. This Hindu temple miracle takes place at the Keralapuram Shiva Temple which is more than 2300 years old. Not just the Ganesh Murti but the water in temple well and banyan tree leaves too changes color.

Athisaya Vinayakar Temple is a subsidiary shrine in Keralapuram Shiva Temple.

The Ganesha in the temple is black in color from March to June. The Ganesha changes its color and is white in color from July to February. It is believed that the Ganesha is black in color during Uttarayana. And it is white in color during Dakshinayana. The exact time is based on Malayalam calendar. The murti is white from Kumbham to Karkidakam and is black from Chingam to Makaram.

Temple Well Water Changes Color – So Too Temple Banyan Tree Leaves

The color of water in temple well too changes its color and is directly related to the color of Ganesha worshipped in the temple. The water is light in color when Ganesha is white and dark in color when Ganesha is black.

The banyan tree behind the Ganesha temple also changes its color. When the murti is black in color the leaves of the banyan tree are dark green and when the murti is white in color the leaves are light green in color.

History And Story Of Athisaya Vinayakar Temple 

The Ganesha murti in the temple was found at Rameshwaram beach by Travancore king Kerala Varma Karthika Thirunal.

It is believed that this Ganesh murti was worshipped by Ravana in Lanka.

The subsidiary deities worshiped in the temple include Goddess Parvati, Nagaraja and Nagayakshi.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a typical Kerala style temple as it lies on the Kerala Tamil Nadu border.

The temple is around a km from Thuckalay or Thakkalai on the Thiruvananthapuram – Nagercoil road.