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What Happens After Death in Hinduism?

What happens after death as per Hinduism teachings?

There is no death in Hinduism. This is because all animate and inanimate is Brahman (Supreme Truth or God). It is neither born nor does it die. There is only transformation of the body.

Depending on the Karma, the individual body passes through various bodies before merging with the Supreme Soul.

Ignorance that I am body results in various kinds of Adharmic activities. This create the feeling I am the doer. As long as the individual soul does not realize that it is just part of the Supreme Soul, it keeps on taking birth.

Look at waves, each wave gets a form for few seconds and then again merges with the ocean. The ocean and the wave are one. Similarly, God and living being are one. Waves keeps forming and merging in ocean. Living beings are born and merge in the Supreme Truth.

When we realize that we are a wave in the large ocean, all fear will disappear.

Move through the world detached. Forget results, work without fear.

And when the moment comes, drop everything, loosen and merge in the Ocean. Just be happy to go away.