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Giving Food Angrily Is Grave Sin – Story In Hindu Religion

Bhishma narrates many important aspects of life and society to the Pandavas while on the bed of arrows in the Kurukshetra war in the Mahabharata. As per Hindu religion, Annadanam Mahadanam – there is no greater donation than food. But food should never be given in anger as it is a grave sin. Bhishma narrates a story to prove this point.

Once there lived a great and just king named Subahu. He worshipped Mother Goddess Shakti on Ashtami without fail. He performed charity and gave food to people on the day. During one Ashtami he finished his charity and was ready to have his food.

Suddenly a person came to the palace asking food, the king got irritated and angry but still gave food.

Few days after this incident, king found flowers disappearing from his garden. On enquiry he found a Gandharva stealing flowers from his garden.

When the king caught the Gandharva, he told the king that he was taking the flowers for his worship.

Then the Gandharva told the king that the grains in his kingdom were disappearing very fast just like the flowers in his garden. The king was not realizing this. Gandharva told the king that soon there will be famine in the kingdom and the people will dethrone the king.

The king then told the Gandharva that he had donated food angrily to a person few days back. This could be the reason for the disappearance of grains from the kingdom.

He wanted the Gandharva to suggest a solution.

Gandharva went to Indra, the king of Devas, and asked for a solution.

The solution was to perform Ashtami fasting (eighth day of a fortnight) dedicated to Goddess Durga. It is Mother Durga who takes the form of Goddess Annapurna and nourishes all the living beings.

King performed Ashtami fasting and got blessed. The grains stopped disappearing and there was prosperity in his kingdom.