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Simple Methods To Overcome Stress

The best and ideal solution to overcome chaos and stress is through honest evaluation and meditation.

Using distraction is never an ideal choice to overcome chaos and stress. You know very well that distraction might work for a few minutes but you will soon end up where you started.

Ignoring a stress is only going to complicate things.

You can try to avoid many situations but then there are some that will keep cropping up here and there giving us sleepless nights and tense situations.

Some people use delay as a method but this is never a solution.

Some people take inspiration from motivational talks etc to face stress. They are made to believe that they can control many things in life. This is wrong. Motivational speeches and books are like drugs they just give you a high. They rarely provide any solution.

Suicide or quitting – This should not be even thought about.

Complaining and playing the blame game. It simply increases our blood pressure and creates more bad relationships.

Simply worrying about a stress is not going to help anyone.

Be truthful and honest in a stressful situation. Accept mistakes and try to correct them. There is no magic solution to any problem in life. We can find answers to all problems provided we are ready to meditate and give a good thought.

Daily meditate for a few minutes especially during the rising sun. Whenever an unwanted thought arises in the mind try to go to its source. Find out what triggered the thought and try to kill the source of unwanted thoughts.

Instead of hanging on to something we need to learn to let go. There are umpteen hidden opportunities waiting for us.

Learn the art of simplicity. Learn to live with minimal things. Realize that true happiness is not in people and external things.

One day or the other we all have to give up all our relationships, jobs and fame. We need to learn the art of overcoming the fear of giving up.

Get creative, start small farming (may even a single pot), and put your mind and soul into the simplest of the tasks you perform.