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Physical Features Of Lord Rama

Physical features of Lord Rama are described by Sage Narada in the first chapter of the Bala Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana.

Body Structure Of Lord Rama

  • Lord Rama possesses broad shoulders and mighty arms.
  • His neck is like a conch shell and his cheekbones stand out.
  • His chest is broad and his bow is huge.
  • He is a subjugator of enemies and his collarbones are hidden.
  • His arms stretch down to his knees and he possess excellent head and beautiful forehead.
  • His tread is superb.
  • He is medium in size and his limbs are well proportioned.
  • He is pleasant in complexion and powerful.
  • His chest is muscled ad his eyes are large.
  • He is prosperous and possesses all auspicious qualities.