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Rama Warrier Kaikulangara – 19th Century Sanskrit And Malayalam Scholar From Kerala

Rama Warrier (1832 – 96 AD) of Kaikulangara was born in family of traditional scholars, in Thalappilly (Thrissur). The systematic traditional education that he received in his own place, coupled with the studies he had at different educational centers, made him a master of several disciplines. Rama Warrier wanted to propagate Sanskrit study among the masses throughout Kerala by writing elucidate commentaries in Malayalam on the major texts in Sanskrit, not only in literature but in other fields of study.

The amount of translation and commentaries he did from Sanskrit to Malayalam is mind boggling. It gives an idea that he was a voracious reader and writer.

The sad aspect is that this genius never got the desired recognition in modern Kerala.

Books And Writings Of Rama Warrier

These included Raghuvamsa, Kumarasambhava, and Meghasandesha of Kalidasa, Shishupala Vadha of Magha, Naisandhya Charita of Sriharsa, Narayaniya of Narayana Bhattathiri, Yudhisthira Vijaya of Kulasekhara Varman, Sri Krishna Vilasa, Sriramamodanta, Amarusataka of Amaru, Pushpa Vani Vilasa and Kottiviraha.

His commentary Balapriya on Amarakosha was very popular. In Ayurveda, he wrote a detailed commentary on Ashtangahridaya of Vagabhata and Arogyakalpadruma.
In Jyotisha, he commented on Horashastra of Varahamihira, Samudrika Shastra, Gaulishastra and Prasanamarga.

In Grammar, he wrote a Nutana Siddharupa and Balaprabodhanam, besides a commentary of Siddhantakaumudi, a classical work on the Ashtaadhyaayi- a grammatical treatise on Sanskrit Grammar.. Besides commenting on hymns like Tripurastotra vamsati he composed certain original hymns such as Vamadeva stava, Vidyunmala and Vagananda Lahari, the last in 108 verses.

Rama Warrier established printing presses, like Vidyaratnaprabha and Kerala Kalpadruma, which published his writings and grew into leading publishing houses in the Kerala of later times.

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