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Daiva Prakriti in Hinduism – People With Divine Nature

Daiva Prakriti (also known as Daivi Prakriti) is divine nature in Hinduism and is the characteristic quality of divine creations in relation to the gunas (internal nature) like sattva, rajas, and tamas. Daiva is divine and asuri is demoniac. In every era, there will be few people who are of divine nature and peace and prosperity in the world is due to their selfless activities.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna mentions that Arjuna is born with the divine qualities or daiva sampat. Those who have daiva prakriti, overcome maya (all illusions), and attain ultimate liberation.

Those who are born with a demoniac nature will suffer, and those of daiva prakriti need not have to suffer.

Those born with daivi prakriti will attain moksha (self realization). They are of sattva guna (purity), and they are free from all bad thoughts, bound to truth and truth alone, pure physically and mentally, and they lead a completely devoted life.

Lord Krishna during the war at Kurukshetra, advises Arjuna to stick to his daiva prakriti and to perform his duty. A man of daiva prakriti will be a person of great spiritual attainment, and his life on earth will be a model for generations.

The spiritual teacher – Satguru – is considered as one of divine nature. He is looked upon as someone not different from God Himself. One is saguna Brahman and the other is nirguna Brahman – just like the flower and its fragrance. There is no flower in fragrance, but there is always fragrance in the flower. The divine people live for their devotees and die for their devotees.

Specifically, person who are lust free, calm, egoless, unattached, fearless, soft-hearted, illusion free, respectful to others, wise, peaceful, simple, friendly, anger-free, god-loving, etc., have a divine nature.