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Mongoose in Hindu Religion

Mongoose in Hindu religion is mainly associated with Kubera – the treasurer of wealth in Hinduism. It is shown as sitting on his lap. There is also a belief that Mongoose spits gemstones and jewels. The animal is associated with Kubera because of its ability to fight and kill snakes. In many stories, Snakes are guardians of treasure, precious stones and jewels. To frighten the snake and take the wealth Mongoose is used. Again in many stories some type of snakes are known to have diamond fixed on their hood (Nag Mani) - perhaps to get the diamond one needs the help of a mongoose. There is another belief that mongoose attacks and cuts the snake into two and the mongoose also has the power to put the snake back into one. This is mentioned in the Atharva Veda while discussing child birth procedure.  There is also an interesting episode involving Yudhisthira and a Mongoose mentioned in the Mahabharata: After the Rajasuya Yajna, in which all great Saints of Bharat part

Teachings On Death From Bhagavad Gita

Here are few teachings on Death from the Bhagavad Gita Indeed, certain is death for the born, and certain is birth for the dead; therefore, over the inevitable, you should not grieve. (2.27) Better is one's own ‘duty’, though devoid of merit, than the 'duty' of another well discharged. Better is death in one's own ‘duty’; the 'duty' of another is fraught with fear (is productive of positive danger) . (3.35) He who is able, while still here (in this world) to withstand, before the liberation from the body (death) , the impulse born out of desire and anger, he is a YOGIN , he is a happy man. (5.23) And whosoever, leaving the body, goes forth remembering Me alone, at the time of his death, he attains My being; there is no doubt about this. (8.5) And I am all-devouring Death (10.34) If the embodied one meets with death when SATTWA is predominant, then he attains to the spotless worlds of the "Knowers of the Highest.” (14.14) Meeting dea