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Story of Rama and Demon Khara in Ramayana - Brother Of Surpanakha

Story of Rama and demon Khara is the direct result of Lakshman nipping the nose of Rakshasi Surpanakha at Panchvati Ashram in Dandaka forest in the Ramayana. Khara was one of the brothers of Surpanakha as per Aranya Kanda. He ruled the Janasthana region – majority of the Rakshasas lived here. To avenge the bodily harm and insult meted out to Surpanakha, Khara orders 14 of his fiercest warriors to bring the dead body of Rama and Lakshman.

The 14 warriors were vanquished in less than 14 minutes by Sri Ram.

Rama who knew that more trouble was in store asked Lakshman to take Mata Sita to a safe cave and stand guard.

Then Khara himself appears at Panchavati with his commander in chief Dushana and 14,000 rakshasa army.

Devas and Rishis gathered up in the skies to witness the battle.

Rama stood before an army of 14,002 demons.

On sighting Rama, the demons started hurling their weapons at him. Bhagvan replied an arrow for an arrow. Each arrow of Rama killed a demon.

The speed with which arrows came out of Rama’s bow was such that those that appeared on sky to witness the battle did not know when He took up His arrow, when He fixed it to the string and when He released it. All they could see was Rakshasas after Rakshasas falling dead.

There was panic in Khara’s army and the demons rushed to their ruler.

He then retorted them to fight. They moved vigorously towards Sri Ram.

Rama then took up an arrow named Gandharva. He chanted mantras and sent it towards the army. Thousands of arrows emerged from that single arrow. The arrows then changed into five-hooded serpents and killed the demons.

Next the commander of the army Dushana attacked Rama with a huge number of demons. They all were sent to the abode of Yama by Rama.

Now only Khara and a demon named Trishiras – one with three head - was left. Although Trishiras was an excellent archer, he was no match to Rama. He was soon killed.

Finally, the battle between Sri Ram and Khara started. Arrows after arrows were sent down. Rama finally broke the chariot of Khara. Khara then hurled mace, trees and boulders on Rama. But they were all decimated in air. Finally, Sri Ram pierced the heart of Khara with an arrow. With the death of Khara, Sri Ram put an end to the terror of Rakshasas in Dandaka forest.