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Ravana Temples in India - Hindu Temples Dedicated to Ravan in Ramayana

There are several temples dedicated to Ravana in India. Ravan is one of the biggest demons in Hindu Scriptures. Although he is the chief of demons in the Ramayan, Ravana is worshipped for his intense devotion to Shiva and his scholarly trait. Known temples dedicated to Ravana are found in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It must be noted that there will be numerous other temples dedicated to Ravan which is yet to be recorded.

Dashanan Temple at Chinnamastika Temple in Kanpur

Dashanan Temple is a small shrine dedicated to Ravana on the premises of Chinnamastika Temple in Kanpur. The shrine is only opened during the Dasara Festival. A 5ft murti of Ravana is found in the temple.

45ft Ravana Murti at Khonpura Village in Madhya Pradesh

The huge murti of Ravan is worshipped on the open ground of the Khonpura Village. The murti is more than 200 years old. You can read about this murti here.

Mandore in Rajasthan - Ravana is Son-in-Law here

Mandore near Jodhpur in Rajasthan is believed to be the home town of Mandodari, wife of Ravana. Thus Namdeo Vaishnav Samaj here believes that Ravana is the son-in-law from the region. There is a spot known as Ravan Ki Chanwari – a mandap or pavilion – where Ravan is believed to have married Mandodari. You can read about it here.

Lankeshwara Festival in Thayalur of Mulbagal Taluk in Kolar District in Karnataka

For centuries, there is a tradition of worshipping Lankadipathi, the king of Lanka, by the people in Kolar District of Karnataka during the harvest festival. A procession of a ten-headed idol of Ravana along with an idol of Shiva and the village deity takes place in the annual harvest festival procession. (You can read more about this worship here.)

Ravana Worshipped at Kakinada

A big Shivling here is believed to have been installed by Ravana. There is also a murti of Ravana nearby. Both the Shivling and Murti are worshipped by the people here.

Ravangram at Nateran Taluka in Vidisha District in Madhya Pradesh

A 10-feet idol of Ravana in reclining position is worshiped here. Here he is a defender of the village and symbol of prosperity.

Note - This is not a complete list. Hinduism and its beliefs are so wide that you can never put a full stop. More and more findings are made daily. So the above list will be updated. Readers also can add to the list of above temples by posting on comment section or mailing the details to hindublog@gmail.com.