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Ekadanta Ganapati Story - Ganesha Form Of Ekadanta and Madasura

Ekadanta Ganapati is one among the numerous names of Ganesha and it means the single-tusked one. Mudgala Purana states that Ganesh took the form of Ekadanta to defeat demon Madasura – symbolically the demon represents pride.

Madasura was created by Saint Chyavana. Madasura propitiated Shukracharya who initiated him with the Shakti mantra ‘Hrim.’ He performed intense penance by chanting the mantra.

Madasura soon attained the power to rule the universe. With huge power in his disposal he became corrupt and evil. His activities caused immense difficulties to all living beings.

Devas, saints and humans approached Sanatkumara one of the Sanakadi Rishis to find a way to defeat Madasura, 

Sanatkumara asked them to pray to Ganesha in Ekadanta form. He taught them the greatness of Ekadanta – Eka stands for maya and danta stands for truth. Ekadanta is one who controls maya.

Ganesha answered the prayers of living beings and he appeared before Madasura as Ekadanta. Madasura did not fight Ekadanta. He completely surrendered before him.

Ekadanta asked Madasura not to be present where Ganesha is worshiped in Sattvic manner.

Thus where Ganesha is worshiped for spiritual wisdom there will be no pride.