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Gau Lakshmi in Hinduism – Go Mata Lakshmi - Cow Goddess Form Of Goddess Lakshmi

Go Lakshmi, or Gau Lakshmi, is the cow goddess form associated with Goddess Lakshmi. In this form, Lakshmi nourishes all living beings. There is a popular story in Puranas which associates Goddess Lakshmi with cow and cow dung.

Legend has it that once the Devas wanted to test the greatness of Goddess Lakshmi – as it was believed that prosperity happens wherever Goddess Lakshmi resides. So Devas asked Goddess Lakshmi to reside in cow dung.

When Goddess Lakshmi resided in cow dung, people realized its importance and started using it as fuel, manure and for plastering homes.

In many regions, Hindus make image of Goddess Lakshmi out of manure and worship it.