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Mantra For Enemy – Powerful Mantra In Hinduism To Destroy Enemy

The greatest enemy as per Hinduism is ignorance, desire, lust, hatred, jealousy and anger. External enemies are created by these enemies within us. Here is a powerful mantra in Hinduism to destroy enemy.

Mantra For Enemy

Om Braam Kalbhairavaya Phat
भ्रां कालभैरवाय फट्

How To Chant The Mantra?

Wake up early in the morning before sunrise. Take bath.
Sit facing east and chant the mantra 21 times.
Feed a dog during day time.
Chant the mantra again at midnight around 12. This time chant only 7 times.

Along with chanting the mantra daily for 42 days ones should read the Yoga Vasistha daily.
Doing charity work and maintaining garden and trees will be highly meritorious in the quest to defeat enemies.