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God Shiva, Bali Island and Mount Meru – the Story in Hindu Tradition

An interesting incident mentioned in the Usana Bali Scripture connects God Shiva, Bali Island and Mount Meru. Bali Island in Indonesia practices Hinduism. The story mentions how mount Meru was installed in Bali.

Meru, or Mahameru, is a divine mountain mentioned in the Puranas and epics and is witness to several incidents in Hindu tradition. 

In ancient time the island of Bali was spiritually vacant. The people on the island offered prayers to Gods to bless them and help them spiritually.

Shiva as Pashupati heeded to the prayers of the people of Bali and placed Mahameru on the island. This stabilized the island and also brought holiness to the place.

Shiva also instructed his two sons, Putrajaya and Gni Jaya, and his daughter, Dewi Danu, to reside in the island and serve as the guardian deities of the Balinese.

Putrajaya reigns from Mt. Agung, Gni Jaya from Mt. Lempuyang, and Dewi Danu oversees the island’s rivers and forests from her palace in Lake Batur.