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Shukra Dwadashi Vrata

Shukra Dwadashi is observed when the 12th day during a Hindu lunar fortnight falls on a Friday or Shukrawar. The day is considered highly auspicious for propitiating Lord Vishnu. Some devotees fast on the Shukra Dwadashi Vrat day and offer prayers to Vishnu.

A popular story mentioned in the Bhavishya Purana narrates the importance of the Shukra Dwadashi Vrat. A pious man once found a man lying on hot sand – he had boils all over his body and was thirsty.

The pious man soon found out that the man lying on the sand was a rich trader.

The trader was so immersed in acquiring material possessions that he never cared for his family and never helped the poor. He was cursed to suffer on the hot sand by a Sage.

The pious man then said that he had observed the Shukla Dwadashi Vrata and the punya (good results) he had got out of it is still with him. He said he will transfer it to the trader so that he will be relieved of the curse.

The trader acquired the results of the Shukra Dwadashi Vrat and then led a life of piety and attained Moksha.