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Swami Parthasarathy Teachings

Swami Parthasarathy a former business man who became a corporate guru, propagating a modern interpretation of Vedanta. This a collection of teachings of Swami Parthasarathy.

It is not the world that distresses you but how you relate to it.

There was no creation. The world is a projection of your own mind. Good mind, good world, Bad mind, bad world. No mind, No world.

The law of life is that the mind should be at rest while the body engages in action.

It is a social crime to expect others to behave in the pattern of your likes and dislikes.

Why do you have to compare yourself to others? Just play your life's role without a sense of superiority or inferiority.

A blunder in intellectual judgment is the failure to distinguish love from attachment.

Love is being in harmony with one and all. Realizing your identity with living beings.

What people claim as love is personal, preferential attachment. When love is polluted by selfishness it turns sour, becomes attachment. Attachment therefore is perversion of love. The modern world is bereft of love. Instead there is a holocaust of attachment everywhere.

The human intellect at present is so weak that it does not recognise the deadly nature of attachment. And reduces the beautiful face of love to an ugly caricature.

The process of thinking should start from an early age. Develop the art of thinking. Follow it up with the study of the impeccable truths of life. Delve deep into the truths. Accept those that appeal to logic and reason. Apply them in practical living. Adopt this procedure all through life. It will enable you to build your intellect. Albert Einstein said that intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.

We need strong intellect to exercise the right choice of action in life. We face endless trials and tribulations. The human species alone is provided with intellect to face and surmount mundane challenges. All other species, devoid of intellect, are helpless victims of the rigors of the external world. A powerful intellect helps us overpower these onslaughts. But the role of the human intellect does not end there. The intellect has the unique capacity to even transcend the world and reach the ultimate state of spiritual enlightenment.

Having a high ideal in life helps one develop initiative.

You are trying to find peace in the external world. You are chasing something which you don’t know.

The mind has a natural tendency to step into past anxieties and future worries. Worry and anxiety only causes one to feel tired.

Your home should be the centre, not the boundary of your affection.

Give your personality a lift, you lift the whole world.

Why do you have to compare yourself with others? Just play your life's role without an air of superiority or inferiority.

Pure love has no attachment.

The moment you expect something its business, not love.

Love produces peace and harmony whereas attachment causes distress and disharmony.

Attachment is actually a pollution of love. When love is vitiated by self-centredness, selfishness it turns sour, changes to attachment.

You must learn to look at beings and things, environments and situations as they are and not as you would like them to be.

Besides dealing with the mind’s infatuation to the senses the intellect has also to battle with a variety of emotions which the mind hosts. These emotions, when not controlled and direction properly by a discerning intellect, could turn wild and destroy the person.

The common emotions that a human being falls a prey are love, hatred, greed, anger, jealousy, envy etc.

Emotions of the mind run through your person like water in a river. While your intellect act as its two banks. If the banks of a river are not firm the water flowing would inundate and devastate the fields on either side. And when the banks are strong the water flows properly to enrich the fields.

So when your intellect is strong the emotions of your mind would be controlled properly to enrich your life. But with a weak intellect the flood of uncontrolled emotions could devastate your personality.

The Supreme Self, the Godhead in you, is enveloped, obscured by innumerable desires. Spiritual disciplines have been prescribed from time immemorial to eliminate desires and reach the ultimate Goal.

When a person gains the knowledge of the Self, he becomes liberated from all desires.

The pursuit of happiness would not cease until you reach your original being of peace and bliss.
To get yourself free from desires and gain absolute libration you must return to your original State, attain Self-Realisation.

As long as the mind contains unfulfilled desires it will remain agitated, frustrated, stressed out. Hence religion has personified desire as the devil obstructing the divinity in human beings.

Enough is never enough. In the chase for acquiring material wealth one could cause harm to onself.

Thus there is a need for a strong intellect to guide the mind and not frustrate, strangle it.

A discerning intellect should properly educate the mind.

Desire-ridden pursuits for wealth lead one nowhere.

Mind can never find the satiation, contentment that it seeks in the material pursuit in the world.