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Meaning of the Popular Names of Ganesha

Sri Ganesha is known by several names. Devotees use many names to address Ganesha out off love, piety and respect. Here are the meanings of some of the popular names of Ganesh.

Ganesha – Leader of Ganas – Lord of the multitudes
Ganapati – Leader of Ganas – Lord of the multitudes
Vinayaka – Remover of obstacles
Vakratunda – One with the twisted trunk
Ekadanta – One with Single tusk
Gajanana – Lord with Elephant head
Lambodara – Pot-bellied one
Heramba – Protector of the meek
Vighneshwara – Lord of obstacles
Krsnapingaksa – One with the dark brown eyes
Dhumravarna – Smoke-colored or gray one
Vikata – Odd appearance