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Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Sohala 2024 Schedule - Time Table - Palkhi Prasthan from Dehu to Pandharpur

The annual Pandarpur Yatra to the Pandharpur Vithoba Temple starts with the Shri Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Prasthan from Dehu in Pune District of Maharashtra. In 2024, the date of the beginning of Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi from Dehu is June 28. Pandharpur Yatra ends on Ashadi Ekadasi on July 17, 2024. Warkaris (pilgrims) follow the Palki of Sant Tukaram to the Vithoba Temple. This is one of the most popular pilgrimages in Marathi culture and people from all walks of life participate in the Yatra. The Palkhi or Palanquin contains the Padukas or foot prints of Sant Tukaram.
In Spite of visiting Varanasi, Gaya and Dwaraka none may surpass the reverence created by Pandharpur. (Sant Tukaram)
On the second day of the yatra, the palki of Tukaram Maharaj arrives at Akurdi Vitthal temple and halts there for the night.

Palkhi Prasthan from Dehu to Pandharpur

On the third day of the yatra, the palki halts at Nivdungya Vithoba temple at Nana Peth.

On the fourth day, the palki stays in the city. Complete rest.

The palki proceeds towards Pandharpur the next day morning and leaves Pune city.

From Pune the Palki heads towards Yavat - Baramati - Indapur (Ringat is performed here) - Bawada - Wakhari - Pandharpur

Millions of people participate in the Pandarpur Yatra and the journey is known as Waari in Marathi, meaning a holy pilgrimage. The three-week long walk by foot from Dehu to Pandharpur covers nearly 450 kilometers. The aim of all the Warkaris is to reach Pandharpur and offer their respects to Lord Vitthal, an incarnation of Lord Krishna, and emulate Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Tukaram.

The origin of the Pandharpur Palki (palanquin) tradition in the present form is associated with Sant Tukaram and his family.

The Palki, or palanquin, procession from Dehu was started by the son of Sant Tukaram. He carried the silver padukas (footsteps) of Tukaram in the Palkhi to Pandharpur and the tradition is still continued.

Pilgrims travel in group known as Dindi singing bhajans composed by Sant Tukaram and Sant Dnyaneshwar.

Shri Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi from Dehu and Sant Dnyaneshwar Palkhi from Alandi meet at Pune during the pilgrimage. From here they take different route and meet at Wakhri near Pandharpur.

The yatra culminates on the Ekadasi day in the Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) of Ashada month as per Marathi calendar.

Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi Sohala 2024 Schedule 
  • Begins on June 28 at Dehu. Stays at Inamdar Wada on June 28 night.
  • Aheads towards Akurdi and stays at Akurdi Vitthal Mandir on June 29.
  • Reaches Nivdunga Vithoba Mandir, Pune and stays there on June 30
  • Complete stay in Pune city on July 1, 2024.
  • Leaves Pune city on July 2 via Hadapsar, Manjari, Loni Kolbar Railway Station and stays at Loni Kolbar Vitthal Mandir.

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