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Importance of Horses in Pandharpur Yatra

Horses are an indispensable part of the annual Pandarpur Yatra in Maharashtra. The Yatra which begins at Dehu and Alandi near Pune goes to the Pandharpur Temple to have darshan of Shri Vithal – a manifestation of Sri Krishna.

The entire procession of Pandharpur Yatra which is followed by nearly 500,000 pilgrims is led by a horseman holding a banner. The horse routinely dances in a rhythmic manner.

The first horseman is followed by a white horse which is not ridden. No one rides it. The belief is that the horse is mounted by Saint Jnaneshwar.

The horseman also plays a vital role in the famous ringan ceremony (gol ringan) performed by Warkaris (pilgrims) on a particular day. The two horses move round in circles in the ringan ceremony.