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Hindu Quotes On Good Thoughts - Importance Of Nurturing Good Thoughts

A collection of quotes on the importance of nurturing good thoughts.

Just as fruit is born of a seed, deeds are born of thoughts. Bad fruits are born from bad seeds similarly evil acts are born of evil thoughts.

As a farmer separates good and true seed from the seed of weeds, and selects from among the good seed and the choicest and guards and sorts it; even so a prudent man treats his thoughts; he repels vain and foolish thoughts, and preserves the good thoughts, cherishing and assorting them.

If you do not repel evil thoughts and cherish good thoughts, you cannot avoid evil acts.

Good deeds come from good thoughts only. Cherish good thoughts, searching for them in books of wisdom, in sensible conversations and above all in your inner self.

So that a lamp may give steady light it must be placed where it is protected from the wind. But if a lamp is in a windy place, the light will flicker and cast strange and dark shadows. Even so uncontrolled, foolish and ill-assorted thoughts cast strange and dark shadows upon the soul of man.

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