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Skanda Mantra – Benefits Of Skanda Mantra Chanting on Skanda Sashti

Skanda Mantra is dedicated to Kartik, son of Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The mantra is chanted on the sixth day of the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha Sashti) – this day is known as Skanda sashti. The benefits of chanting Skanda mantra including overcoming all kinds of fears in life.

Skanda Mantra

स्कन्दाय खड्गधराय नमः॥
शारवाना-भावाया नम:
ज्ञानशक्तिधरा स्कंदा वल्लीईकल्याणा सुंदरा
देवसेना मन: कांता कार्तिकेया नामोस्तुते
सुब्रहमणयाया नम

How to Chant Skanda Mantra?

  • The mantra should be chanted early morning after taking bath.
  • Sit facing east.
  • Light lamp using cow ghee. Put some whole coriander in the ghee.
  • The dhoop or agarbatti should be of Tagar flowers
  • Offer yellow color flowers
  • Offer Sindhoor
  • Offer seasonal fruits.
  • Then the mantra should be chanted 108 times
  • Visiting Kartik temple is considered auspicious. If there is no Skanda temple then one can visit a Shiva temple.

Benefits of Skanda Mantra

  • Courage
  • Fearlessness
  • Those having issues while sleeping alone and with darkness will find relief.
  • Good for people who lack confidence to lead a team.
  • Good for captains, managers and team leaders.
  • Desire fulfillment associated with job, sports, and promotion.
  • It is good for students.