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Swami Lilashah Ji Maharaj Quotes And Teachings

A collection of quotes and teachings of Swami Lilashah Ji Maharaj (1880 - 1972)

The mind is the reason behind a person's bondage or salvation. 

Pious and benevolent  actions resolves and purify the mind, remove all faults and lead to final salvation.

Take your mind to task everyday! Constantly counsel your mind. "O restless mind! Now be quiet and steady. Why do you disturb me by wandering all the time? Time and again you run after sense pleasures and worldly relations, seeking company in relationships but don’t you know that they are short-lived? You have been forced to abandon them in all of your previous lives and will have to abandon them in this life as well. So immerse yourself in meditation of your True Self that is always with you, that is Bliss Supreme.”

Never allow the mind free rein because it is an incredible treasure house of tremendous powers. It is such a fast horse as can easily and quickly simply gallop towards its goal if only given good direction by keeping it in control. Without restraint, it is most likely to go berserk and throw you into a pile of thorny bushes.