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Haridra Ganpati – Story of Haridra Ganesha – Haridra Ganpati Mantra – Puja Benefits

Haridra Ganpati is one among the numerous manifestations of Lord Ganesha in Hindu religion. This manifestation of Ganesh is worshipped when Chaturthi Tithi falls on Thursday. This powerful form is also associated with Tantrism.

Story of Haridra Ganesha

As per Hindu scriptures, Haridra Ganpati appeared when Goddess Tripurasundari remembered him. He appeared to fulfill the demands of Maa Tripurasundari.

Mother Goddess remembered him as only He could destroy the evil worship of demon Bhandasur.
The demon was worshiping a powerful evil Yantra (abhichara yantra) and his puja was spreading evil (adharma). For success of puja, he tormented other living beings.

On the request of Goddess Tripurasundari, Haridra Ganpati destroyed the abhichara yantra; and with this the supernatural powers of the demon vanished. He fled from the area and Dharma was restored.

As per Tantrism, Haridra Ganpati is associated with Maa Baglamukhi. He is one of the deities invoked during worship of Maa Baglamukhi and is known as the Ang Devata of Baglamukhi.

Haridra means turmeric and the deity is worshipped with turmeric powder.

The Form of Haridra Ganpati

  • He appears radiant and has a yellow tone.
  • He wears yellow color dress.
  • Skin tone is yellow.
  • He has four hands and holds ankush in the upper right hand and the lower right hand is in Varada Mudra. The upper left hand holds noose (pasha) and the lower left hand holds kalash (pot) filled with gold coins.

Benefits of Worshipping Haridra Ganpati

  • For beauty.
  • Early cure to diseases.
  • For making peace with enemies and for a better future.
  • To marry the person whom you love.
  • Those who are unemployed will find job soon.

Haridra Ganpati Mantra

हुं गं ग्लौं हरिद्रा गणपतये वर वरद सर्व जन हृदयं स्तम्भय-स्तम्भय स्वाहा।
Hum gam glom Haridra Ganpataye Var Varad Sarva Jan Hridayam Satmabhaya Swaha