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Goddess Dasha Maa - Momai Maa - Story of Goddess Dasha Maa

Goddess Dasha Maa is an incarnation of Mother Goddess Shakti and is mainly worshipped in Gujarat. A ten days vrat dedicated to Dasha Maa is observed in the month of Shravan.

Dasha Maa is one who betters the living condition. People offer worship to her for peace and prosperity in life. Worshipping her is considered highly meritorious.

Dasha Maa is worshipped along with Nagbai Maa and Momai Maa.

Murtis of Goddess Dasha Maa are prepared specially during Dasha Maa vrat.

Dasha Maa Vrat is observed after Holi festival in Rajasthan.

Story of Goddess Dasha Maa

There lived a king named Vijay Singh along with his spiritually oriented wife Roopmati and two sons. The king had a palace called Jal Mahal, which was located on the outskirts of his capital.

One evening the queen along with her attendants had gone to Jal Mahal. From the window, the queen saw a group of poor women engaged in a vrat near the village pond.
They were engaged in the worship of Dasha Maa. The queen was surprised because she had never heard about the ritual. Through one of her attendants the queen came to know about Dasha Maa the vrat.

Impressed by the story of Dasha Maa, the queen decided to perform the vrat and made arrangements of the prayers in the Jal Mahal.

While the queen performing the vrat, King Vijay Singh entered the palace and got angry seeing the murti of Goddess Dasha Maa. He asked the queen to stop doing the vrat because Dasha Maa was the deity of poor people. He argued that being queen she need not perform the vrat which was below her standards.

The words of the king offended Dasha Maa and in anger she created misfortune in the life of the king. He lost his kingdom. All the places the king entered attracted destruction. Orchards turned dry, wells dried up, his gifts turned stones….he lost his sons and was finally put in prison by a neighboring king.

In the prison, the king realized that he had offended Dasha Maa and this was the reason for his misfortune.

He performed Dasha Maa vrat for ten days and got back all the lost glory.