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Symbolism Of Gauri And Kali Form Of Goddess Parvati

Goddess Parvati in Gauri form is bright as full moon. In Kali form she is dark as the night sky. All these are various forms of Mother Goddess with deep symbolism.

During creation, Mother Goddess is Gauri. The mother of all animate and inanimate. She nourishes her children and represents hope. She protects them and guides them in the path of Dharma.

When She is Gauri she nourishes and provides the ideal setting for all kinds of life forms to flourish. This form is associated with cleanliness, fresh water, good rains, timely change of seasons, good harvest, growth and finally liberation.

But when her children stray from the path of Dharma and embrace Adharma, she takes the form of Kali. In this form she symbolizes death. She devours everything. She prepares the ground ready for next cycle of creation.

Kali form of Goddess Parvati appears when human greed has destroyed all that is associated with Goddess Gauri. An angry mother, then wipes all the destruction done by human beings. 

After complete destruction, She again takes the form of Gauri and becomes Mother. This cycle continues.