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Martand Surya – About Hindu God Martand

Martand is associated with the Hindu Sun God, Surya. He is the thirteenth representative of Surya and rules the Mal Maas or Adhik Mahina or Extra month in a Hindu Lunar Calendar. Martand is worshipped by Hindus mainly for the peace of the dead souls of ancestors, parents and relatives. One of the most popular shrines associated with the deity is located in Jammu and Kashmir.

Martand appeared on earth as the 13th son of Sage Kashyap and Aditi. The first 12 children of the couple are the rulers of the 12 months and are also associated with Lord Surya.

Martand was born as a golden egg and it was placed at Satisar in Jammu and Kashmir by the couple on the advice given by Brahma. Lord Shiva then advised the couple to pray to Lord Vishnu so that he will provide a solution to what to do with the still egg.

Lord Vishnu broke the egg with his Sudarshana Chakra and from it Lord Surya appeared in the form of Martand – wearing yellow garments, with four arms bearing a lotus, a book, a rosary and a raised open palm.

In the form of Martand, Surya is believed to have helped restore dharma by defeating demons who were causing troubles to human beings and saints.

The popular shrine of Martand in Jammu and Kashmir is known as Martand Tirath and Hindus perform Pind Daan, Shradh and Tarpan for dead ancestors, parents and relatives.