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Colours Associated to Each Day in Hinduism

Each day of a week in Hinduism has got a colour associated with it. This is closely related to the deity worshipped on each day. White is the colour of Monday or Somvar; Red is the color of Tuesday or Mangalvar; Green is the color on Wednesday of Budhvar; Yellow is on Thursday/Guruvar; light blue on Friday/Shukravar; black on Saturday or Shanivar; Sunday it is orange.

Monday is associated with Shiva and Chandra (the moon god) and the color chosen is white. Other preferred colours are pale shades of blue, green and pink.

Tuesday is associated with Mars. Bright red is the color associated wit the day. Jet Black and bright shades of orange or pink are also worn by some people.

Wednesday is associated with Mercury. Green or Pear Green is the most important hue on the day. Other colors suggested are mild tones of blue, gray and brown.

Thursday is associated with Jupiter. Apart from yellow, the other colors preferred are Orange and golden.

Friday is related to Venus. Light blue and white is preferred.

Saturday is famously associated with Lord Shani or Saturn. Black is the first choice. The next is dark blue.

Sunday is associated with Surya and the colours preferred are orange, red, yellow also pink and maroon.

Keeping flowers of particular color and wearing the colour dress on the day is considered auspicious.

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