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Angaraka Stotram – Lord Angaraka Mantra for Overcoming Life Problems

Angaraka Stotram is dedicated to Mangal Navgraha (planet Mars) in Hindu astrology. Chanting the mantra will help in overcoming problems in life due to the bad positioning of Angaraka in the horoscope – janam kundli.

Angaraka Stotram

ॐ अंगारकाय सर्वकष्टनिवारकाय नमः
Om Angarakaya Sarvakashatanivarakaya Namah

How to Chant Angaraka Mantra?

  • Chant the mantra on Tuesday morning during sunrise.
  • First offer prayers to Ganesha in mind.
  • Chant the mantra on sunrise facing northeast.
  • Wear red color clothes while chanting the mantra.
  • Fill kalash with water and put some red color flowers and red chandan in it. Place it on a red color cloth.
  • Light lamp using cow ghee with one wick.
  • Offer red color chandan.
  • Offer red flowers.
  • Offer uncooked rice.
  • Offer jaggery sweet.
  • Chant the mantra “ॐ अंगारकाय सर्वकष्टनिवारकाय नमः” 108 times.
  • Perform it for 21 Tuesdays.
  • Put the water in kalash under a peepal tree.