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Dindi to Pandharpur – What is a Dindi? – Dindi of Warkaris to Pandharpur – Dehu and Alandi

If one passes through Maharashtra – especially through Pune to Pandharpur – one might come across a group of people walking with saffron flags and women carrying Tulsi sapling on their head. This group is known as a Dindi – a unit of warkaris. Warkaris are followers of Lord Vithal, who travel from various parts of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of India to the Pandharpur Temple.

A Dindi might consist of a few devotees or even thousands.

Each Dindi is led by a Veenakari – one who has the Veena. Others in the group play Veena, cymbals and Pakhwaj. Women in the group hold a Tulsi sapling on the head.

A Dindi travels from native village to Dehu, Alandi and Pandharpur.

During the annual Pandharpur Yatra thousands of Dindi follow the various Palkhis.

Dindi also goes to Dehu, Alandi and Pandharpur in Magh, Ashada and Kartik months as per traditional Hindu lunar calendar followed in Maharashtra.

It must be noted here that Dindi travels to various other important temples and sacred pilgrim spots associated with Lord Vithal and Saints worshipped by Warkharis.

Image source – Vindokphotos