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Goddess Brahmi In Hinduism - Complete Guide

Goddess Brahmi is one of the Ashta Matrikas. Description about Goddess Brahmi is found in the Svacchanda Tantra X. She is the mother of speech and mother of supernatural powers. Goddess Brahmi is a manifestation of Goddess Parvati. Among the Ashta Matrikas, Her location is South-Eastern corner.

Her complexion is like the color of lotus. She wears beautiful ornaments, not seen by human beings. Durga Saptasati states that in the battle against demon Raktabija, she goes to the battle field mounted on a swan.

Goddess Brahmi is part of Ashta Matrikas (eight mothers). In some regions, the number is reduced by one and the deities are known as Sapta Matrikas.

Goddess Brahmi is popularly known as Goddess Brahmani and she is worshipped during the Navratri.

The world famous Adi Shankaracharya Janmabhoomi Temple at Kaladi in Kerala has a murti of Goddess Brahmi - She is worshipped in the sankalpa of Sharadamba.

At Kamalashile, around 35 km from Kundapur in Udupi, Karnataka, there is a unique temple dedicated to Goddess Brahmi. She is worshipped in the form of a Shivling and the shrine is famous as Brahmi Durgaparameshwari Temple.

This form of Goddess Shakti is propitiated for knowledge and for protection from enemies both internal and external. 

Brahmi is the first of the eight Matrs considered to be the superintending deities of the syllables arranged in eight groups. In the first group of vowels, Brahmi presides over them, known as Matrikas, and thus deludes the soul so that it may not be able to realize the innate glory of the self. In the sphere of speech, Brahmi, Maheshwari and so on are engaged in creating thought constructs, so that one may not be able to arrive at the level of nirvikalpa, or the level beyond discursive cognition.

In Svacchanda Tantra X, Goddess Brahmi has been described thus - Her complexion is like the color of lotus. She is adorned with heavenly ornaments. These divine mothers, of whom Brahmi is one, remain encircling Shiva in the Bhuvana (universe). He is not only surrounded by Matrikas but also by Rudras with various forms, by host of bhutas and by mind-born women.

Brahmi has her location in the South Eastern corner. She appears very beautiful, like another Shri, the Goddess of wealth. These mothers are none other than Uma, the consort of Shiva. Uma herself has assumed seven different forms as the saptamatrika and remained steadily engaged near Shiva. Brahma caused them to descend to the earth to slay demons and thus help human beings.

Brahmi is described as mounted on a swan when she goes to the battlefield to fight against Raktabija,the demon from whose blood-drops rose other demons.

Brahmi is not only the mother of speech, but also the mother of supernatural power like anima and others.

With reference to Sri Chakra, Brahmi and other deities are worshipped in the intermediate line of the central square surrounding the Chakra.