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Gochara – Planets in Transit in Hindu Astrology

Gochara refers to the current movement of planets through Rashis in Hindu astrology. It is predictive astrology based on the movements of planets.

There are several ways of using gochara in predictive astrology.

One method involves the consideration of birth nakshatra (birth star), in which the moon would be moving at the time of a person’s birth.

When the nakshatra of birth and the nakshatra which is the 10th or 16th or 19th from it are afflicted by malefic planets such as Rahu, Saturn, Mars, Ketu and Sun, the native is believed to be subjected to pain and suffering and may even face death.

A few days before his death, King Dasharatha of Ayodhya informed his son Rama of his astrologers prediction that the nakshatra of his birth occupied by Sun was about to be afflicted by Mars and Rahu and that, therefore, some great calamity was to befall him shortly.

Another method of Gochara is to study the position and strength of the seven planets at the time of birth, as also the ascendant in relation to the sign which a particular planet is transiting at the moment of the query. Whether a planet is auspicious or inauspicious in a horoscope is decided by an examination of its position in relation to the place (house r sign) where sun was situated at the time of the native’s birth; this method is extended to all the seven planets.

A third method lays emphasis on a study of the janma rashi or the moon sign – the rashi or sign, in which moon was situated at the time of the native’s birth. The position of the various planets, as reckoned from the janma rashi at a particular time is considered using a Gochara horoscope, and queries answered.

Excerpts and notes taken from – 
Encyclopedia of Hinduism Volume IV published by India Heritage Research Foundation – page 300.