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Story of Goddess Varahi

Goddess Varahi is one of the seven mother goddesses or Sapta Matrikas. She incarnated to restore Dharma on earth, which was threatened by a demon named Pandasura. Story of Goddess Varahi is found mainly in Puranas and in folklore.

Legend has it that Pandasura performed severe penance for several years for Shiva and asked him for the boon of immortality. But Shiva said that all that is born on earth has to undergo transformation. So Pandasura asked the boon that he should be killed only by a woman who was not born of another woman. Shiva granted this boon.

With the help of the powerful boon, Pandasura started performing all adharmic activities on earth. Fed up with this, human and devas approached Shiva for a solution. He directed them to Goddess Shakti as only a woman could annihilate Pandasura.

Goddess Shakti promised to help them. She then took the form of Goddess Varahi – a unique form with the face of boar and the body of a woman.

She then fought Pandasura along with Ganesha and annihilated him. Goddess Varahi thus restored the dharma that was threatened by Pandasura.