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Quotes On Detachment From Hinduism

He who is able to withstand the force of lust and anger even while living in the body — he is a yogi, he is a happy man. (Bhagavad Gita, 5.23)

On being asked when the enemies of man, such as lust and anger, will be vanquished, the Master replied, ‘So long as these passions are directed towards the world and its objects, they behave like enemies. But when they are directed towards God, they become the best friends of man, for then they lead him unto God. The lust for the things of the world must be changed into the hankering for God. … These passions cannot be eradicated but can be educated.’ (Sayings of Sri Ramakrishna, 138)

A monk must always be alert. The path of the monk is slippery. While one is on a slippery road, one should walk tiptoe. If you had so desired, you could have married and lived as a householder. Now that you have given up such an intention, the mind should not be allowed to think of worldly things. What has been spat out is not eaten again. The ochre robe protects a monk as the collar protects a dog. No one molests a dog with a collar, as it belongs to somebody else. The monk with his ochre robe belongs to God. All gates are open to a monk. He has admission everywhere. A monk should be above attachment and jealousy. He must remain unruffled under all circumstances. (Holy Mother Sarada Devi)

Everyone has to work in this world; no one can escape from it. But he who works for his own selfish ends — instead of liberating him from the trap of maya, his work binds him. On the other hand, working for the Lord, the wise man cuts the fetters of work. (Swami Turiyananda)