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Bappooran Theyyam – Story – Information - Bappiriyan

Bappooran Theyyam, or Bappiriyan, is a Muslim theyyam performed in many temples, kavu and tharavadu in Kannur and Kasaragod districts. The theyyam is associated with Aryakkarapoongani. The belief is that she was sailor of the boat in which Aryakkarapoongani traveled. Another legend has it that he was a famous merchant of the region and was killed while defending his ship in the sea.

Legend has it that the boat in which Aryakkarapoongani was traveling capsized and her brothers in the boat took refuge in various islands. Aryakkarapoongani then happened to see Bappooran was traveling in his boat. But he ignored the calls for help. Aryakkarapoongani then shows her magical powers to get the attention of Bapporan. She then takes the help of Bappooran in uniting her brothers who were traveling with her.

The brothers decide to stay at Venmalayatin Kara. Aryakkarapoongani then moves ahead along with Bappooran and she then disappears at Kooran Kunnu.

Bappooran Theyyam is performed in all the places where Aryakkarapoongani is worshipped or her theyyam is performed.