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Dakashinang Sankranti In Kamakhya Devi Temple – Kali Puja In July

Dakashinang Sankranti In Kamakhya Devi temple is a famous Goddess Kali Puja held on July 16 or July 17 every year. In 2024,  Dakashinang Sankranti date is July 17,2024. It is held on Karka Sankranti or when Dakshinayana starts. The main puja is performed at the main peetha sthana of Goddess Kamakhya. Boli puja (sacrifice of goats, buffalos, pigeons etc) and naivedya are also offered on the day.

The main puja is held at midnight, when goats and buffaloes are sacrificed. The goats and buffaloes are brought by devotees to the temple. The head of the sacrificed animals are offered to the Goddess.

As per local history, a rock near the temple was cut to create a road to the temple. A famous Tantric Ramani of the region warned the people not to cut the rock as it was a primary rock that supported the Kamakhya Peetha. But his warning fell into deaf ears.

Soon an epidemic of cholera broke out in the region and numerous people especially those involved in the construction of road and breaking of the rock died. It was believed that the sudden epidemic of cholera was due to the anger of the Goddess for disturbing the rock on which her abode stood.

A Kali Puja was performed on Karka Sankranti day to appease the angry and fierce deity. Soon cholera subsided and there was peace. After this event, Kali Puja is performed on every Sankranti day in July.