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Guruvayur Ekadasi 2017 date – Guruvayoor Ekadashi at the famous Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple in Kerala

Guruvayur Ekadasi is observed in the famous Sri Krishna Temple at Guruvayur in Kerala. It is observed in the Vrischikam month as per traditional Malayalam calendar. Guruvayur Ekadasi 2017 date is November 30. The corresponding Ekadasi in other regions in some year is known as Mokshada Ekadasi or Prabodini Ekadasi. The Geeta Jayanti is also observed on the day in certain years.

The major highlight on the Ekadasi day in Guruvayur is the elephant procession. Gajarajan Guruvayur Kesavan – an elephant that attained legendary status when it was alive – is remembered and honored on the day.

Ekadasi Vilakku and distribution of Dwadasi Panam are the other important rituals on the day.

The temple does not close the doors of the Sanctum Sanctorum on Ekadasi day. The temple doors which opens on at 0300 hrs on Dasami, the day before Ekadasi, is only closed at 0900 hrs on Dwadasi Day – the day after Ekadashi

On the Dwadasi day, there is a unique custom of offering Dwadasi Panam in the Koothambalam of the temple. The Dwadasi Panam is a token amount of money and it is considered highly auspicious..

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