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Prasadamandanam – Temple Architecture Text In Hinduism

Prasadamandanam is a treatise on architecture and temple-related crafts and ceremonies. This small text was written by Sutradhara Mandana and edited by Pandit Jagaddhara Zadoo. Prasadamandanam contains eight chapters with an introduction by the editor.

Chapter one of Prasadamandanam includes a few miscellaneous topics connected  with architecture and iconography, covering the temples in Dravidian, Nagara, Bhumija and Kavina styles.

Chapter two deals with facts on the plinth of a temple or a palace in relation to its shape, size and situation. The third chapter of the book describes the mandovara or the superstructure of the plinth. The author describes architectural styles while discussing pedestals and platforms, as also the structure of the threshold.

Chapter four covers a number of topics such as iconometry, superstructures of a temple like kalasha, pataka (flag), etc.

Chapter five of Prasadamandanam lays down qualifications for a sutradhara, who is apparently the overall supervisor of all the engineering activity of a temple. According to the author, he must be capable of managing the entire staff. He also tells us about various components of prasadas. Chapter six describes mandapas or pavilions and their components. The seventh chapter classifies temples and palaces into various categories such as Kesare, Servatobhadra, etc. The last chapter lays down the rules for renovation of temples as well as consecration ceremonies, including honoring a sutradhara.